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Squealing Pig Guitars has always been committed to providing their customers with quality and transparency. Our goal is for each customer to feel confident with their purchase that it is what was advertised and is something they can be stoked on playing.

Favorite jam to play at the showroom: The Rain Song - Led Zepplin.
Favorite guitar: Fender USA Custom Shop John Page Ultra.

Favorite jam to play at the showroom: Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Favorite guitar: PRS Singlecut

Favorite jam to play at the showroom: Christina Sandsengen - Spanish Romance
Favorite guitar: Gibson Electro Acoustic Starburst

Favorite jam to play at the showroom: Guns and Roses - Sweet child o' mine
Favorite guitar: Gibson CS Les Paul Custom Green Widow


Jack Buckingham - King Pig

Jack was born in Leicestershire and raised in a small village just outside of Grantham. He came to Staffordshire around 2019. Jack is the mastermind behind the company. He is responsible for purchasing inventory, quality control, customer service and running the showroom. Jack is a guitarist and wannabe pianist. He is son to Simon Buckingham who he spends most of his time with. When he is not calling the shots you can find him eating all of his favourite foods, which is pretty much all the food.


Simon Buckingham - Godfather

Also Born and raised in Leicester Simon has always had a passion for everything Guitar ever since going to stage school as a child, he starting performing live from the age of 16 and also began a CD duplication business called "Squealing Pig Discs" in his early 20's. Simon's knowledge for all things guitar was passed down to his three kids, two of which help operate the business. Simon is now in charge of dissembling and detailing each guitar, inspecting the components for originality. He also handles shipping and receiving. When he's not at the showroom you can find Simon listening to his vinyl player with a glass of wine.


Scarlett Buckingham - Captain Scarlett

This is Scarlett. She has been the other half of squealing Pig Guitars since day one and has a thirst for the music scene in Nottingham. Sister to Jack and daughter to Simon. Scarlett is involved in almost every aspect of the business and is responsible for our great photography. Scarlett is a master of all trades and incredibly adaptable. Scarlett is a lover of classical music and has a been playing classical guitar from an early age. When she is not working at the shop she's working at home or watching live music.


Ben Keightley- The Maestro

This is Ben. AKA, the maestro.. and for good reason. Ben has been playing guitar for the best part of a decade and has been teaching privately since 2018. Ben has taught guitarists of all abilities from Berklee College of Music graduates to professional session musicians. Ben loves to talk about guitars and and acts as our social media content creator. Ben has an appreciation for all genres and styles of music, if Ben isn't given lessons or uploading content he enjoys spending time with his friends and listening to live music.

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