FENDER American Original 50's Reissue Stratocaster "Vintage Blonde + Maple" (20


Fender's Stratocaster first saw the light of day in 1954 and it's been an icon ever since. Its slim body, bright sound and innovative design redefined the electric guitar and opened up a whole new world of musical possibilities. The Fender American Original '50s Stratocaster combines legendary style and groundbreaking sound with modern playability. It has a thin nitrocellulose lacquer that lets the wood underneath breathe and age attractively. 

There are three Pure Vintage '59 single-coil Stratocaster pickups on board that have been designed with the original models in mind. This means the coils have been coated with Formvar and they have alnico 5 magnets. The neck has tall frets and a Soft V profile to offer an authentic playing experience, while the fretboard has a modern 9.5-inch radius which makes it easier to press down the strings without any notes being prematurely cut off. The eggshell pickguard completes the look of this lovely instrument.

This Strat has good vintage tone and feel. The neck is comfy. The Pick-ups deliver classic Fender Strat tone. Pretty much everything you want in a Strat. Condition wise, this one is mint. Consequently, there is nothing to report in the way of Dings/Scratches/Impressions. A guitar with cool features. Comes in a Fender tweed hard-shell case with candy.


  • Specifications

    Serial Number: V1857783

    Time of Manufacture: 2018

    Place of Manufacture: Corona, California, USA

    Neck Profile: Soft V Shape Neck Profile

    Fret Condition: No Fret Wear

    Weight: 7.5 Pounds

    Action: Professionally set-up Low action 9's

    Overall Condition: "Mint Condition" 

    Colour: Vintage Blonde

    Originality: 100% Original .

    Dings, Scratches, other: Nothing to report . - Please refer to pictures below.