FENDER USA 52 Vintage Reissue Telecaster "Butterscotch Blonde + Maple" (2005).


The original and still a classic. Leo Fender got it right the first time. The 1952 Tele is revered among players and collectors. Fender’s American Vintage Series is a great recreation of these classic instruments. All of the best 50’s specs are there. The ash body delivers a bright and airy tone that Tele players love. The one piece maple neck features a 7.25 inch radius maple fingerboard with 21 vintage style frets. Dual American Vintage wound single coil pickups dish out the twang and snap that a good Tele is known for. The original style 3 saddle string through bridge is essential for good sustain. Vintage Kluson style tuners keep it rock solid. This example is finished in the trademark butterscotch blonde lacquer. Cool vintage vibe!

This is a solid Guitar. It's a one owner Tele that has never been gigged, and still has the COA. This is a Minter. Collector owned, it has seen little playtime since 2005  It shows No noticeable playwear. No marks/dents/impressions, very clean indeed. Perhaps the nicest example you are likely to find for this series. Comes in its original Old school G&G Fender hard shell case with candy and original purchase reciept.

The 52 reissue is the one to get for vintage feel and tone. The small frets make for easy chording. The neck is straight and the action good. All electronics work fine and the pickup's sounds great. The sounds from the USA '52 Reissue Tele are not the same as those from a modern Standard. With a different wiring circuit under the control plate that's inevitable, but details like the '52's brass bridge saddles, and of course its vintage-replica pickups, further help to impart a more retro tonal character. Even with the tone control full up, the '52's bridge pickup sounds pretty full and rounded. It does have some Fender bite, but as Telecasters go it's quite subdued and mellow. An attractive sound, but heading more towards 'steel guitar' than clattering indie rock or Wilko Johnson territory. The middle selection on the three-way switch gives the neck pickup alone on this guitar, and again it's pretty rounded and mellow, with a strong bottom end.

The 52 Reissue is the flagship of the Tele line. It really is what most players think of when they think Tele. Great vintage vibe and Made in the USA quality.


  • Specifications

    Serial Number: 44200

    Time of Manufacture: 2005

    Place of Manufacture: Corona, California. USA

    Neck Profile: Fat C Shape Neck Profile

    Fret Condition: No Fret Wear

    Weight: 8.0 Pounds

    Action: Professionally set-up Low action 10's'

    Overall Condition: "Mint Condition"

    Colour: Butterscotch Blonde

    Originality: 100% Original.

    Dings, Scratches, other: Nothing to report. - Please refer to pictures below