FENDER USA Custom Shop 1957 Strat Heavy Relic "Candy Apple Red + Maple" (2009)


A very unique and cool Strat! I get one guitar which comes along every once and a while which just blows me away, and this is the guitar in question. Built in the Fender Custom Shop, the materials and quality are top notch. All of the specs conform to a real 1957 Strat save for some cool factory upgrades. The body is select alder for good tone. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a 9.5 inch radius maple fingerboard with 21 6105 frets. Check out the gorgeous relic job on this example. Perhaps the best i have seen to date. A trio of Custom Shop single coils deliver big tone. They are hooked to the original vintage correct 3 way switch. A vintage style trem and Kluson style tuners offer rock solid performance. The finish is a gorgeous Candy apple red over olympic white. Thought long and hard about keeping this one for myself, but it just wouldn't get the use it deserves.

This Strat has killer tone and feel. The fat C neck profile is comfortable to play, The action is good and the frets are still fairly full. The pickups sound awesome and the electronics work as they should. The Relic finish takes more of a heavier aged approach, that some might say is more authentic. The vintage spec’d hardware is also lightly aged accordingly to complete the package, aged, but not abused, might be a fair remark, but it still retains plenty of that played in character. As such, you can buy it and play it, without getting upset regarding any nicks and grazes that it will inevitably acquire. Comes in original case with cert and a pile of case candy.

If you dig the vintage vibe and want a cool color, this Strat is for you. A really cool space age look. You're sure to never see another. 


  • Specifications

    Serial Number: R44954

    Time of Manufacture: 2009

    Place of Manufacture: Custom Shop, Calirfonia . USA

    Neck Profile: Fat C Shape Neck Profile

    Fret Condition: Virtually No Fret Wear

    Weight: 7.9

    Action: Professionally set-up Low action 10's'

    Overall Condition: "Excellent Condition"

    Colour: Candy Apple red

    Originality: 100% Original and Untouched

    Dings, Scratches, other: Factory Reliced. - Please refer to pictures below.