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FENDER USA Signature James Burton Telecaster Version 1 "Paisley + Maple" (1990)

FENDER USA Signature James Burton Telecaster Version 1 "Paisley + Maple" (1990)


Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Fender James Burton Telecaster Version 1, you say? Now that's quite the gem! These babies are as rare as a unicorn sighting these days, especially in such pristine condition. So, let's talk specs, shall we? This beauty features a classic ash body, finished in a luscious '60s Candy Apple Red. And oh, the pickups! We've got three tasty Texas Special single-coils, just waiting to unleash their fiery twang. Add that custom asymmetrical neck profile and that shiny gold hardware, and you've got a guitar that's not only stunningly rare but also capable of churning out some seriously sweet tones. Trust me, my friend, you won't find another one like this on every corner.


Body: Basswood

Top: Basswood

Fretboard:  Maple

Neck Shape: Med U shape

Pick-ups: Fender Lace Sensor

Weight: 10lbs 1oz


Condition Report:This Fender James Burton Tele is truly a case queen, having barely seen the light of day. Although it may show some age-related wear from sitting in its hard case, this guitar remains in excellent condition overall. There is only very slight tarnishing to the hardware, which is to be expected considering its limited usage and year of build. Professionally set-up with 10's sporting a low action. Included is the original hardcase and paperwork.

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