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FENDER USA Stratocaster Plus Version 1 "Wine Red + Maple" (1991)

FENDER USA Stratocaster Plus Version 1 "Wine Red + Maple" (1991)


The FENDER USA Stratocaster Plus Version 1 "Wine Red + Maple" (1991) is a classic electric guitar that embodies the iconic Fender Stratocaster design and quality. This particular model features a stunning "Wine Red" finish and a smooth maple fretboard. The Stratocaster Plus Version 1 is known for its renowned versatility and playability, with a combination of three single-coil pickups that deliver a wide range of tones suitable for various musical genres. The vintage tremolo bridge system allows for expressive pitch modulation and smooth vibrato effects. Built in 1991, this guitar represents a piece of music history and is cherished by musicians and collectors alike. With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, the FENDER USA Stratocaster Plus Version 1 "Wine Red + Maple" continues to be a highly sought-after instrument for players seeking a classic American electric guitar experience.


Body: Alder

Fretboard:  Maple

Neck Shape: D

Pick-ups: Single coils

Weight: 8lbs 2oz

Condition report: This is a cool Strat Plus with good tone and feel. The neck is straight, the frets are fine, and the action is good. The Lace Sensors deliver a variety of tones. They have great clarity and are awesome with effects. This is a solid used guitar which has seen very little playtime. Nothing to report in the way of cosmetic damage. A very clean guitar. The strap locks have been changed and tuners have been changed to a more modern equivilant. Comes in an original Fender hard-shell case with tremolo arm. We just set her up with a fresh new set of 9’s, so she’s all dressed up ready to rock!

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