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GIBSON USA Custom Shop Murphy Lab Trini Lopez "Shell Pink + Rosewood" (2022)

GIBSON USA Custom Shop Murphy Lab Trini Lopez "Shell Pink + Rosewood" (2022)


Step back in time and immerse yourself in the vintage vibes of the 1964 Trini Lopez Reissue! Inspired by the iconic original models, this guitar delivers an authentic ownership experience that will transport you back to the exciting '60s groove. From the chunky '64 neck profile to the unique trapeze tailpiece, every detail screams vintage cool. Channeling the spirit of the young and vibrant Trini Lopez, this Gibson creation is as thrilling as the innovative performer who played a part in its inspiration. In a blast from the past, Gibson's original 1960s advertisement captures the essence perfectly. Even though Trini Lopez is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the timeless appeal of his namesake model, which he continued to rock well into his 80s. And it's not just Trini Lopez who fell in love with this beauty. The likes of Dave Grohl and Noel Gallagher have also joined in on the admiration for this classic piece of musical history. So grab your own slice of vintage magic and feel the excitement that the 1964 Trini Lopez Reissue brings to your music journey!


Body: Mahogany

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck Shape: .82"/.96"

Pick-ups: CME Custom S Bucker


Condition Report: A real beauty and in Excellent condition. The neck is straight, the pickups sound great. No marks, dings or play scratches and the sound is sweet! Also included is the original hardcase with paperwork.

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