GIBSON USA LTD Flying V Government "Tan + Rosewood" (2013)


Not your dad's Flying V! Gibson introduced the Goverment series a few years back. It was a limited series of Les Paul, Explorer, SG and Flying V six-string guitars with fingerboards made from wood that federal agents had seized in factory raids.

The company produced 750 instruments for that first batch, which quickly sold out. Responding to continued demand, Gibson released about 1,000 more Government Series two guitars, which sold out "in minutes. This thing is wild. A metal axe to be sure. While the flying v model has traditionally been used for heavy metal and rock this guitar has a much mellower vibe. It still has its Maple/Poplar/Maple 3 ply body and Mahogany neck but small touches like the Dirty finger humbuckers, 1960's slim taper neck and Tan finish make you really want to dig in to some high gain chords.

This has a great feel and nice tone. The slim taper neck is straight and the action is Low. The pickups are loud and powerful. This is a collectors piece which has seen virtually no-playwear. Not suprising considering its rarity. Mint condition, it's definitely suitable for the Avid Collector and would make a great addition to your arsenal.Not even so much as a surface graze. Comes in a original and cool gibson case with CEO Signed Certificate and all other bits of case candy.

Gibson no longer offers the Government series. They have actually become more popular in recent years as players discover their mean looks and big metal tone. I think the flying v seems to be the rarest of the bunch and with a limited supply being brought over to the UK dont expect to find one again anytime soon. Dont Miss out.



  • Specifications

    Serial Number: 129530436

    Time of Manufacture: 2013

    Place of Manufacture: Nashville. USA

    Neck Profile: 60's Shape Neck Profile

    Fret Condition: No Fret Wear

    Weight: 8.0 Pounds

    Action: Professionally set-up Low action 10's'

    Overall Condition: "Mint Condition"

    Colour: Tan

    Originality: 100% Original and Untouched

    Dings, Scratches, other: Nothing to report. - Please refer to pictures below.