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IBANEZ MIJ PIA3761 Steve Vai Signature "Stallion White + Rosewood" (2022)

IBANEZ MIJ PIA3761 Steve Vai Signature "Stallion White + Rosewood" (2022)


Introducing the breathtaking Ibanez Steve Vai Signature PIA in Stallion White! This extraordinary new model is the culmination of over 30 years of collaboration between guitar maestro Steve Vai and Ibanez. While the iconic Jem has seen numerous updates, the PIA represents a bold and comprehensive evolution of the signature model. At first glance, the Pia may resemble the Jem, but a closer look reveals its unique characteristics. With gentler, rounded edges for enhanced comfort during seated playing and a striking new petal design replacing the familiar Monkey Grip, this guitar exudes a fresh and innovative aesthetic. Furthermore, the new pickups, circuitry, and hardware elevate the Pia to unprecedented levels of performance and design. Steve Vai's refusal to "play it safe" is evident in the Pia, a marvel born from decades of experience and refinement by one of the world's finest players. This guitar is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and will surely inspire excitement and awe among players and fans alike!


Body: Alder body

Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard

Pick-ups: PIA

Neck: DiMarzio UtoPIA Passive/Ceramic Neck Humbucker

Middle: DiMarzio UtoPIA Passive/AlNiCo Middle Singlecoil

Bridge: DiMarzio UtoPIA Passive/Ceramic Bridge Humbucker

Weight: 8lbs 1oz


Condition Report: The Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Pia Stallion White is absolutely stunning! This guitar is in mint condition, with no visible defects or wear, and the vibrant stallion white finish combined with the luxurious rosewood fretboard make for a striking and unique combination. It exudes the signature style and virtuosity of Steve Vai, and its flawless condition only adds to its appeal. Whether it's on stage or in the studio, this instrument is sure to turn heads and deliver impeccable performance. Get ready to rock out with this incredible guitar! Comes in its original case with candy!

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