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IBANEZ MIJ PIA3761 Steve Vai Signature "Sun Dew Gold + Rosewood" (2020)

IBANEZ MIJ PIA3761 Steve Vai Signature "Sun Dew Gold + Rosewood" (2020)


The Ibanez PIA, which stands for Paradise In Art, is a stunning result of the collaboration between Ibanez and Steve Vai. This ornate instrument is an evolved version of Vai’s familiar JEM series, with several tweaked features to take it to new creative heights. The PIA's aesthetics are truly eye-catching, featuring intricate floral patterns, luxurious gold hardware, and captivating finishes that elevate Vai's signature design style. Functionally, the guitar promises precise and dynamic performance, with a solid alder body and a renewed take on Vai’s signature handhold feature. The rosewood fretboard boasts a beautiful multi-colored blossom inlay, while the multi-piece neck made of maple and walnut ensures graceful navigation of the 24-fret range with the new PIA neck profile. Overall, the Ibanez PIA offers a perfect blend of striking visual design and exceptional playability, making it a truly exciting instrument for any player.


Body: Alder

Top Wood: Alder

Fretboard:  Rosewood

Neck Shape: PIA neck profile

Pick-ups: Middle Pickup: DiMarzio Utopia (S) Middle Pickup (passive/alnico)

Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Utopia (H) Bridge Pickup (passive/ceramic)

Weight: 8lbs


Condition Report: A real beauty and in Excellent condition. Close scrutiny will reveal a small amount of surface swirling to the back body. Looks as though the original owner never played this guitar - a really nice example. The neck is straight, with no cracks or repairs… the frets are excellent, with their entire life ahead of them… and the sound is sweet! Also included is the original hardcase and paperwork. Please also be aware that the tuners have been upgraded. In addition the push pull pot has been changed for standard - original parts are included.

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