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TOM ANDERSON USA Drop Top Classic Shorty " Trans Purple + Rosewood" (2022)

TOM ANDERSON USA Drop Top Classic Shorty " Trans Purple + Rosewood" (2022)


Embedded deep within Anderson Guitarworks' very essence are three fundamental values: Innovation, Sustainability, and Quality. Their straightforward mission is to craft unrivaled instruments that offer the ultimate playability, tone, and character. Tom Anderson stands out among the rest, providing a unique and unmatched experience. Behold the Drop Top Shorty, a perfect fusion of high performance and striking aesthetics. This Drop Top showcases a mesmerizing Quilt Maple top sourced from a special wood selection, paired with a alder body for a truly sleek appearance. The stunning transparent purple top is awesome. Tom Anderson guitars exude a vibrant yet refined aura, setting them apart from the competition.


Body: Alder

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck Shape: Even-taper neck

Pickups: H1 - SF2 H2+

Weight: 7lbs 9oz

Condition Report: Here we have an un-played guitar. The new owner can expect a factory fresh guitar with that new gleam feel. Set-up with a fresh set of 10's and low action - shes ready to go!

Please check out our Youtube channel for upto date playing demo's and box unopenings!

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