Whats the big deal with the Gibson Classic Custom!

If you’re struggling to navigate your way through the ever-expanding range of Gibson Les Paul models, prepare to fall over backwards with confusion: this guitar, the Classic Custom, has the fancy finishing and alnico-magnet 57 Classic pickups found on some of Gibson’s very finest instruments… yet in Europe at least, it’s actually cheaper than the ceramic-powered Classic Plus or more expensive Custom.

Like the Plus, this model has an eco-friendly ‘baked maple’ fretboard instead of the traditional rosewood – not surprising given Gibson’s ongoing battle with the US Justice Department over allegedly illegal imports. Don’t worry – it looks, feels and sounds just like the real thing. Otherwise this sparkling gold-top is vintage Lester all the way: it has the usual mahogany/maple build, with a beautiful finish and fancy touches like pinstripe body-binding, outsize fret-markers and the old ‘split diamond’ graphic on the headstock. ​​ It sounds expensive too. The Classic Custom has a tighter and more controlled tone than the Classic Plus, with plenty of brightness at clean and crunchy settings. Turn up the gain and it feels a little smoother and less eager to let rip… metal players may find that this is not the most entertaining Les Paul in the world to play, but tasteful rock and blues fans will surely love the refinement of its super-sweet voice – thanks in no small part to those covered alnico pups. Basically, it’s a grown-up guitar.

The question i am often asked about this guitar is; "Whats the diffrence between a les paul Classic custom and a les Paul Custom" Good Question! For those of you who dont know Custom Classics are Gibson USA guitars. Customs are Custom Shop. Different fretboards, pickups, neck profiles, CCs don't have binding around the back of the body. I'm sure there are a few other differences but you get the idea. To be honest it confused me at first, notably the only diffrence at first Glance if your not a guitar Enthuasist or collector would be the binding on the back of the body. An easy mistake if you dont know what your looking at. I have had a few individuals in the past inform me that they bought a classic custom thinking it was a custom. Its not suprising given that production only lasted for two year's (2010-2012)



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