What i love about John Page's Fender Guitars.


Among Being one of the greatest living custom luthiers, John page Co-Founded and led Fender's Custom Shop. Its safe to say we have a lot to thank him for.

On May 21 1978: John Page had his first day at Fender. He was assigned to the factory floor, where he buffed guitar necks … then buffed more guitar necks. Soon after he was promoted to model maker for Fender R&D. In 1979 he proceeded to build guitar and amp prototypes based on drawings from Fender designers. It was in 1980 when JP became a Guitar Designer for Fender R&D, working side-by-side with the legendary Freddy Tavares, a creator of the Fender Stratocaster.

After nine prolific years at Fender, JP took a 11-month hiatus to give his music one final shot. While in hot pursuit of a record deal Page learns that the Fender Custom Shop, an idea he and others had championed for several years, is a real possibility.

JP Rejoined Fender in early 1987 as a Co-Founder, with noted luthier Michael Stevens, of the spanking new Fender Custom Shop. JP Led Fender Custom Shop for the next 12 years; the first three with Stevens. During this period he’s was at the epicenter of what’s come to be known as “The Dream Factory” – arguably the most creative era in contemporary guitar history. Yes i said it! my Favourite era. JP Created guitars for artists including Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Elliot Easton and Cesar Rosas, to name a few. He also Designed acclaimed guitars in conjunction with Harley Davidson, Playboy, and Jaguar automobiles.


Every guitar player is unique. The way we each hold our guitar, the shape of our hands, those little habits we pick up along the way, even the way we pick. Not to mention preferences for colour, body shape and finish. Fender have a guitar for every budget, from the Squire range to the high end American made classics, and you’re bound to find a guitar that’s near perfect for you. But why compromise. JP built some incredible guitars during his time at Fender. His guitars are perhaps the most unique to have ever left the custom shop factory, and thats saying something...

I've had Strats of every level, including Squires, Am Stds, vintage 70s models, AmDlx, Clapton Signature, Custom Shop '62, and now a Suhr Classic-S. I have enjoyed them all, and consider myself primarily a Strat player. The more you learn about setup and maintenance on a Strat, the more you can get out of even a less expensive version. When I made the move from my mid-70s Strat I had used for years, to a 92 Ultra JP Strat, it was a huge leap up in quality. The Ultra was a better guitar in every way than the 70s original. After owning several more Fender JP Strats over the Years i can tell you that the Attention to detail is unpararell. His Neck Profiles are almost Signature, and the Designs are often out of this world. Just look at the pictures above. His Guitars are works of art.

I told myself that I needed to take that next step up the ladder, and got the opportunity to buy a JP Custom Shop Moto. It was a beautiful guitar, and played very well. It had One of the best birdseye maple neck's i had ever seen, and the neck was a nice fat C-shape like most JP guitars i have owned. I tried hard to like this guitar, and it was very nice. But I was honestly to afraid to touch it given the price tag. Since I had sold a few Fender Plus's i had to pay for another CS, I needed another Strat. This time I found a good deal on a slightly used Sparkle Strat by JP. This one struck me as a really great guitar, because it played as well as the other JP strats i had.

I Would highly recommend JP's Fender custom Shop Guitars. For Build Quality, Attention to detail, Playability, and for investment potential. You wont find better. His Guitars are perfect . They need no mods, and have no shortcomings for me. I consider his guitars a stable investment, but more importantly, geniune keepers. The cream of the crop!