The Gibson SG Baritone: If you're thinking about it, just do it.

For years I had been kicking myself in the head for not snagging a Bucket-head Signature Les Paul when I had the chance. Now, you can barely find a studio for under 2 grand! After searching the net for much time, I came across this SG. I thought to myself, "HOW HAS THIS BEEN AROUND SO LONG WITHOUT ME KNOWING!?" But alas, it shares almost all specs with the Les Paul that I had fallen in love with. The body is extremely resonant, the neck is incredibly ergonomic for the scale length, and the sound is SPECTACULAR. This guitar completely exceeded my expectations for the price point. Don't let the forums on Richlite deter you. I enjoy it very much. It isn't exactly a "cheap" guitar, but it would definitely hold it's own in a sound comparison against guitars 3 times its price.

For those of you who dont know, a baritone guitar is a guitar with a longer scale length, typically a larger body, and heavier internal bracing, so it can be tuned to a lower pitch. Typically B-E-A-D-F#-B tuning which is Popular with rock and metal players.

For many players, buying a Baritone guitar can be a challenge. Generally speaking, there are very few production models to choose from and that may be why so many dudes have like 10+ guitars in the traditional 243/4 25.5 scale. I have been keeping my eye out for a baritone for years and the SG model pretty much nailed it for me. This thing is so fun to play. I dig the oversized body and beefy neck. The sound is huge! King kong huge. And you can get all kinds of sounds from single coil spank, rich mid range blend, or smooth jazz creamy stuff. The pickups are powerful with really hot bridge. The wiring is neat and clean, whoever soldered the circuits in mine did an outstanding job, virtually no noise. I like to drop down low, open tuning, weird alternate tunings, slack key tunings, etc... so far this thing handles everything. its a solid guitar. I wont even start talking about high gain, distortion stuff.....all I can say is that it sounds like the apocalypse arrived in my jam room!

My Guitar Tech's words were....

"Dude this baritone sg kills it and its gonna be gone soon, i know it".

Unfortunately, he was right. The guitar has been dispacthed and sent to a Spanish Buyer/Collector.

So long Mr Baritone....

Truth be told, I've never been a big fan of SG's....much more of an LP guy over the years, but I couldn't resist getting into the baritone realm when I saw this beauty. WOW! Beautiful, tone (yeah, the bridge pickup is hot as hell!) that's equalled by stellar craftsmanship and inspiring playability. Do yourself a favor and have a look around for one before they're all gone!