Fullerton Era (1982-1984) Fender Reissues

The Fullerton, CA plant continued to be Fender's main production facility until the very first months of 1985. The instruments that were produced at the Fullerton, CA plant are now known as "Fullerton Reissues" among collectors and players. These are very high quality instruments and are highly coveted among both collectors and players. There have been several changes made since these were first introduced in 1982. 1982 marked the first year of the Fender Reissue and production bugs and supply chains were still being worked out. Due to this, there are several small variations among the very first "Fullerton Reissues."

The thing about the fullerton reissues is they are getting old and collectable. The earliest ones ( serial numbers under 4000 ) ones that have differences...like red bobbin pickups, grey bobbin which are even more rare, custom color and custom color with red bobbin pickups are worth more. In addition, there were more 1957 fullerton strats made than the 62's, so potentially the 62's with custom color and red-grey bobbin pickups will be more collectable because there were less of them. But the 57 custom color is the reissue ive seen go for the most money. Fiesta red- (red bobbins) £7900 i think it was a few years back. There is 1 now with a lower serial number at fender reissue that is £7100 and it is serial number V000291. For more information about these Fullerton Reissues Please visit http://www.fenderreissue.com. This Guy knows his fullerton Reissue's and has some great information!

less than 10% of the early fullerton guitars had red-grey bobbin pickups..serial numbers under V004000. There are a few exceptions but these are rare. Furthermore, there were only 5-7% with custom color. so add custom color and rare pickups and you get ????

also take note that there were 4 different instruments making up the V000000 series, 2 stratocasters, jazz bass precision bass and the telecaster at that rate if 50% of the instruments being made were stratocasters and they were making between 10-15 instruments a day...average of 12.5 instruments....then only 6.75 stratocasters maximum sometimes less per day were being made in the early days of the fullerton reissues.

They hand routed these guitars and used the same equipment that leo used in the 50's and 60's. Abigail ybarra kept her job there and taught them how to wind good pickups. How she scatter wound them, and how she guided it into the winder ect... (same winder leo had too) this is where the red and grey bobbin pickups come in. (some known to be true some said but i cannot verify ) it is true that only the first guitars made there had these pickups and since Abigail taught them it is pretty safe to say these first pickups were supervised by her personally. There were not many of these guitars made at the plant.

From opening and closing of the plant they made (16000) V000000 instruments. The best way to date is the neck date- pot codes and serial number. As a broad generality V000001-V004000 denote a 1982 guitar, V004000-V010000 denote a 1983 guitar, and V010000-V016000 denotes a 1984 guitar. At this rate they made 2000 stratocasters in 1982, (1000 or more 57's and less than 1000 62 reissues.) 3000 in 83 and 3000 in 84. 9000 in all from fullerton. So not many! Certainly i great investment oppertunity to be had. Its easy to see why these are high in demand so grab one quick.