The Fender Plus Family.

Most of us already know that we need another guitar, and many of us devote considerable time and effort to finding something exciting, new or that we haven't seen or played before. Starting a collection is a labor of love, but it can spiral out of control if you follow through on these impulses and end up costing you if you don’t think it through.

My best advice is to hone in on what you really like, whether it’s acoustics or electrics, solid-body, semi-hollow, fully-hollow, humbuckers or single coils, etc. I can fall in love with everything, but as an exercise, pick attributes of your favorite instruments and analyze them. What do you like most? What would you want to improve? Are you looking to resell or to keep it? In short, you need a process for focusing your desire to acquire.

I focus only on electric guitars, and then focus on pickups, neck joint and body style. From my starting point — a 1983 Fender Usa Dan Smith Strat in olympic white, my No. 1 — I found that I prefered Single Coils and a strat Shaped Body, and focused on adding those to my collection. I also discovered that I did not like SGs or fully-hollow jazz guitars and sold those later on.

From there I explored the single coil/bolt-on world with Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. I was also attracted to guitars that blurred brand lines, like the ‘72 Telecaster Thinline. My playing style was best suited to fixed bridges, has kept guitars with Floyd Rose-type tremolos out of my collection.

Your playing also helps define the boundaries; I don’t play anything with more than six strings, so I don’t consider seven- or eight-string instruments or basses for my collection. Nevertheless, i discovered that the infamous Fender Plus Series met my requirements. The pictures below show all of the Fender Plus's which i have come to play and sell.

Thanks for looking!