My Top Three Favourite PRS's

They may just be six strings and a chunk of wood, but when given to the right pair of hands, they're the ultimate weapon of expression. PRS guitars have been out since the 1970's and have been consistently producing our favourite guitars such as the Custom 22, Hollow-body, Mira, Single-cut, the 513 and many more!

The Guitars shown here are my very personal favourites. For this particular Top 3 chart I have not tried to find the most expensive Guitars, but those of which offer real good value for money. I am sure that some other higher end models might offer a superior workmanship and quality of materials for a huge surplus in money; in my eyes, this does not mean this guitar is more attractive. The price differences sometimes are usually considerable, and by spending a little more (£2500+) you just get the more attractive and better Looking PRS.

Don't get me Wrong there are some incredible High-end PRS guitars... the type of guitar that you don't put down. For me it comes down to Playability, Looks and Sound. Second to that, Investment potential and collectibility.

1997-2009 Swamp Ash Special

The Swamp ash special returned some fender like flavours to the PRS recipe, absent since the original classic electric. They included a body of swamp ash and a bolt-on neck of maple- woods favoured by fender in the 50's. This was the first time since the studio model, a PRS had a middle pick-up. the Newly fitted Push/Pull switch allowed single coil like sounds beyond the regular twin humbucker tones. These models usually came with Figured Maple necks and Custom colour finishes making them a more attractive alternative.


2008-2013 PRS Mira

The Mira were PRS's Latest attempts to produce the affordable US- made guitar. The Mira which was introduced in 2008 has a flat-top thin feel mahogany body, putting it somewhere between a regular and a SE Standard. Joe Maggs designed the Mira and it moved from the drawing board to production in record time. While the PRS Mira would no doubt like to see it slung around the neck of a skinny young popster, it's just as likely to find a home with an older, chubbier pub rocker. Sure its not as aesthetically blessed when compared to your typical USA PRS. However, you will still find organic muscularity here.


1988-2013 PRS Studio

The 25” scale length Studio model electric guitar is a fresh, modern rendition of a traditional single-single-hum guitar set up with the beauty and brightness of a maple top. The possibilities are vast with PRS’s proprietary 57/08 Narrowfield pickups in the middle and bass positions in conjunction with a 57/08 humbucking bridge pickup. Screaming lead tones, crisp rhythm tones and 5-way blade switch also enhance the flexibility of this guitar in the studio or on stage. While being a more expensive option I still feel this offers great value for money in every department.