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Unlike most of the "big boys" in the industry, we don't have tens of years of heritage behind us (yet) so we can't really brag about that. But what we can brag about is the fact that we are a small family run business, fueled by a passion for guitars since kids and a desire to make our presence known in the guitar world. Me and my 2 sisters had grown up in an environment where music was everything, we not only learned to play guitar, but also piano, drums, and some other strings instruments. Not a day went by in silence at our home and over the course of our upbringing we learnt everything we could about guitars

Our business sprouted from a hobby in 2009. Once upon a time my father had accumulated a large personal collection of guitars from all of his years touring and building contacts overseas and the day eventually came whereby the collection needed thinning out. With much heartbreak we collectively re-homed his guitars but actually enjoyed doing so in the process. Seeing the joy that a beautiful guitar could bring to a new owner really filled us with energy and from there we kind of got hooked. Trades were made and guitars became harder to let go of again. A viscous circle.


At the time I was fresh out of university and sick of working a dead end job. I was at a point in my life where I knew I needed more. The energy that I got from selling my fathers guitars and making people happy filled me with even more desire to break free. So I used this opportunity to re-invest all of the money back into guitars (typical, right) but this time with the intention of selling for profit and setting up a business for myself, my dad, and my family. 


As with all businesses we worked hard to get this baby off the ground and haven't looked back since. We have put many smiles on people's faces, got to experience some beautiful guitars and met some awesome people along the way. It's been the best ride of our lives. 


After 10+ years of non stop guitar dealing experience under our belts we could safely say that we knew our stuff! After all, Malcom Gladwell did say that it only takes 10,000 hours to become a master of your trade, and by now we'd already reached 83,298 hours. At this point we realised that our specialism was going to be as an online retailer, selling only pre-owned Guitars from the more desirable brands.


During these build up years, we had not only acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise within the guitar world but had also created a banging network of people around us. By this point we had made connections with various international dealers, which enable us to import some more unique and never before seen stock. 

Towards the end of 2020 we had big dreams in sight. But then Covid hit...


As for most of us, Covid put our big dreams on hold. But despite this, the business still continued to get stronger and stronger. We used this time to further experiment with other guitar brands and really hammered down on some of the weaker aspects of the business. 


After thankfully surviving lockdown and Brexit, the business was ready to move into its shiny new home at end of 2021 at Dunston Business Village, Staffordshire. Yes, thats right, we got physical!


Why? Well, as our brand portfolio was expanding, so was our customer base and the prices of our guitars We knew that it was important to start providing customers with a base where they can come and visit us to see the guitars in the flesh and interact with us, and we've loved meeting each and every person since! 

Why not get in touch with us and book a viewing appointment for yourself? We have tea and biscuits.




In Chapter 4 of our journey, we made the exciting move to Nottingham, where we were thrilled to be part of the thriving music scene. We also welcomed Ben Keighly as a part-time employee, adding fresh energy and ideas to our team. However, this chapter was not without its challenges. In the middle of 2023, we sadly lost our dear father, who had been a source of inspiration for us to pursue our musical abilities from a young age. Additionally, we faced a setback when a burst pipe caused damage to our shop. Despite these difficulties, we remained determined and committed to our passion for music, and we are grateful for the support that has helped us continue to grow.


Right now, we would say that we are doing a pretty awesome job at providing you guys with your dream guitars. Dont believe us? Then maybe you'll believe these guys:



BUT WE AREN'T STOPPING THERE! Our magic crystal ball tells us that the future is bright for Squealing Pig Guitars (although you don't have to be a psychic to work that one out). We are growing stronger by the day and have some big plans ahead of us. TOP SECRET ones I'm afraid, but be sure to subscribe to join us on the ride.






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