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FENDER MIJ Hybrid 60's Stratocaster "Burgundy Mist + Rosewood" (2018)

FENDER MIJ Hybrid 60's Stratocaster "Burgundy Mist + Rosewood" (2018)


The Fender Hybrid Burgundy Mist is a truly exceptional guitar that combines classic aesthetics with modern features. With its stunning Burgundy Mist color and sleek design, this instrument is guaranteed to stand out on any stage. The Hybrid series combines the best of both worlds, offering a fluid and comfortable playing experience. Equipped with a set of high-quality pickups, this guitar produces a versatile range of tones. Whether you're playing smooth jazz or crunching rock, the Fender Hybrid Burgundy Mist delivers a professional and dynamic sound. Additionally, its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a top choice for any serious guitar player.


Body: Alder

Top: Alder

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck Shape: Modern C

Pick-ups: Hybrid Custom Voiced Single Coils

Weight: 7.10lbs


Condition Report: Well, let me tell you, the Fender Hybrid Stratocaster is a real gem! This little beauty has been professionally set up, so you can bet it plays like a dream. And let's not forget about the value you'll be getting - it's top-notch Japan quality at a price that won't blow a hole in your wallet. Now, I know you might be wondering about its condition, but fear not! There's only some very minor evidence of playwear, which basically means it's been loved, but not overly abused. We're talking no impressions or dings here, people! So if you're on the lookout for a guitar that's got that professional touch and a charming finish to boot, the Fender Hybrid Stratocaster is your go-to axe! Included is a new Fender Classic Hardcase with some paperwork.

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