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GIBSON USA Les Paul Studio FSR Smartwood "Swamp Ash + Rosewood" (2009)

GIBSON USA Les Paul Studio FSR Smartwood "Swamp Ash + Rosewood" (2009)


For years, socially conscious musicians have used the guitar as a powerful tool to spread positive messages. As such, it's important for the values of the artist to be reflected in the instrument they play. In 1997, Gibson introduced the SmartWood guitars, a line of instruments made from "Smart Wood" that is harvested without causing harm to the environment, featuring exotic rare woods such as Cancharana and Mahogany. These guitars also incorporate Gibson 490R and 498T humbucker pickups. Describing the tone of this guitar is a bit challenging, but I'll do my best. The attack is bright and crisp, similar to a strat but with the weightier humbucking sound of a Les Paul, and it offers abundant sustain. It's versatile across the entire neck and provides a clearer, brighter sound without being muddy. Overall, it's a very exciting and dynamic instrument!


Body: Swamp Ash

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck Shape: Medium neck profile

Pick-ups: 490R and 498T humbucker

Weight: 6lb 14oz


Condition Report: The body and neck show no signs of wear or damage, and the beautiful finish is pristine. All hardware is in perfect working order and shows no signs of tarnishing. The frets show no wear, and the guitar plays beautifully with no buzzing or dead spots. The electronics are clean and functional, and the sound produced is rich and clear. Overall, this guitar is in like-new condition and would be a prized addition to any collection.

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