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IBANEZ MIJ Stevie Vai Signature 555" White + Rosewood" (2004)

IBANEZ MIJ Stevie Vai Signature 555" White + Rosewood" (2004)


Introducing the Ibanez 555 Steve Vai Signature electric guitar - a true icon in the realm of musical innovation and sonic excellence. Meticulously crafted with precision engineering, this instrument stands out for its unparalleled design and remarkable sonic versatility. Constructed with an American basswood body and an ultra-slim JEM maple neck, the guitar not only exudes balanced resonance but also ensures effortless playability. The rosewood fingerboard is adorned with a striking Tree of Life vine inlay from the 3rd to 12th frets, while the distinctive Steven Vai inlay at the 24th fret adds a touch of legendary charm. Boasting a 648mm scale length, a 43mm nut width, and 24 jumbo frets, the JEM555 offers a seamless playing experience that caters to the needs of discerning musicians. Equipped with DiMarzio Evolution pickups in an HSH arrangement, this guitar provides a wide spectrum of tones that cater to various musical styles. With controls for Volume, Tone, and HSH (5-Way) Pickup Switching, the JEM555 empowers musicians to explore a rich tapestry of sounds across different genres with ease. The Edge III tremolo bridge further enhances expressive possibilities, allowing for creative freedom and dynamic performance. Experience the brilliance of the Ibanez 555 Steve Vai Signature electric guitar - a testament to uncompromising quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and boundless musical expression.


Body: Alder body

Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard

Pick-ups: DiMarzio Evolution pickups


Condition Report: The Ibanez is absolutely stunning! This guitar is in mint condition, with no visible defects or wear, and the vibrant stallion white finish combined with the luxurious rosewood fretboard make for a striking and unique combination. Get ready to rock out with this incredible guitar! Comes in its original case with candy!

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