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MAYONES MIP Hydra Elite 6 "Trans Black + Ebony" (2019)

MAYONES MIP Hydra Elite 6 "Trans Black + Ebony" (2019)


Introducing the Mayone Hydra Elite 6, the guitar that's as sleek and alluring as a black market secret. With its trans black finish, this baby takes the term "shredding" to a whole new level, making it not just a comfortable guitarist's dream, but a veritable weapon of mass rockstruction. Whether you're melting faces at a gig or just kicking back and letting loose, this guitar is your trusty sidekick, always ready to keep you in the groove. So, if you're looking for a six-string that's as comfortable to play as it is bold and badass, the Mayone Hydra Elite 6 is your ticket to guitar greatness.


Body: Mahogony

Fretboard: Ebony

Neck Shape: D

Pick-ups: Fishman Fluence Modern


Condition Report: This guitar is in relatively clean condition, with just a few small impressions around the side bout and some very minor playwear. It comes with its original paperwork and hardcase, making it a complete package deal. Not to mention, it's been set up with 10's and has a low action, so you can shred away without any worries. All in all, this guitar is ready to rock and roll, with just the right amount of character to show it's been loved.

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