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ESP MIJ Original Series Horizon III "Titan Metal + Ebony" (2022)

ESP MIJ Original Series Horizon III "Titan Metal + Ebony" (2022)


The ESP MIJ Original Series is an exceptional electric guitar that showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail of ESP's custom shop. This specific model exudes a striking visual appeal with its sleek design and high-end materials. The Titan Metal finish, combined with the luxurious ebony fingerboard, creates a stunning aesthetic that is both modern and timeless. Made at the custom shop with incredible build quality, this guitar has never been used and is in pristine condition, making it a highly coveted item for any collector or discerning musician seeking an instrument of the highest caliber.


Body: Alder body

Fretboard: Ebony

Neck: Thin U Shape

Pick-ups: Seymour Duncan

Weight: 8lbs 2oz


Condition Report: This ESP is impeccable, as it is in mint condition and has never been played. Its incredible build quality is evident, reflecting the utmost care taken by its collector owner. This guitar exhibits a flawless appearance, highlighting its pristine state. Furthermore, it comes with its original case, enhancing its value as a collector's item.

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